5 Best Recommended Air Fryers - Features And Price

Are you planning on buying an air fryer or Do you want to replace an old air fryer with a better one? Or Do you like fried foods but has been restrained by your doctor due to your health conditions? A good air fryer would help you cook healthy, tasty food and at the same time, avoiding that deep oil frying method. An air fryer requires little or no oil and uses hot air to cook your food while still retaining the taste of a fried food. Choosing the best air fryer in the market could sometimes be a bit confusing because you would different brands of air fryer with similar features and prices. But there are some key features to check before you can conclude that a particular brand or model of air fryer is the best or most suiting, although these points may vary a little depending on your taste. In this article, I am going to reveal to you some tips that will help you select the best air fryer in the market. I will also give you a concise review of the best 5 recommended air fryers with their features and prices, and finally some trusted online shops where you can purchase air fryers with guarantee.
best recommended air fryer review

How To Select The Best Air Fryer In the Market

Here are some of the tips that can help you choose the best Air Fryer online and some of the things you should check in an air fryer before you conclude that it is the best:
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Review of the 5 Most Recommended Air Fryers

I made an intensive research before writing this article. My research was based on consumer's purchasing power on the different brands of air fryer and the rating they gave the product on Amazon and Ebay which are the 2 most guaranteed online stores. Having revealed to you the tips to help you choose the best air fryer, below is a concise review of the best recommended air fryers with their features and prices:

#1: Power Air Fryer XL - 6 QT Elite

Power-Air-Fryer-6 qt-elite review
This is one of the latest version of the previous brands of power air fryers and serves multi-purpose. It serves as an air fryer, dehydrator and a rotisserie. It is very cheap when compared to other similar brands and its features. The Power Air Fryer Oven - 6 quart Elite fries all of your favorite fried foods with 80% less calories than traditional deep frying will do. It also uses Super-heated Turbo Cyclonic Air, instead of ordinary oil. The 6 quart Power Air Fryer has a metal material housing. All its removable parts are dish washer-safe. The 8 quart is also available and it has a plastic material housing.

Features Of Power Air Fryer XL- 6 QT 

#2: Philips Digital Air Fryer Avance XL - HD9240/94

philips air fryer avance xl - review
Philips Digital Air Fryer Avance XL has rapid air technology which circulates hot air with speed and precision to cook food evenly in the air fryer. It also has smart preset button which automatically recalls the settings for your favourite food. It also has a digital touchscreen interface which lets you easily customize the setting to cook your food exactly as you want. All its removable parts are dish washer-safe. Most customers complain that it is costly but I think it worths the price.

Features of Philips Air Fryer Avance XL

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#3: T-fal ActiFry

 T-fal ActiFry - review
T-fal's new actifry Express is one of the fastest most technologically advanced low fat fryer that allows you to prepare crispy delicious fried food using only one spoon of oil. This revolutionary and versatile healthy fryer can cook a wide variety of meals, from crispy french fries and chicken wings to risottos, seafood, stir-frys, chili and much more. Actifry’s patented technology uses a heat pulse system and stirring paddle that gently mixes the food for you.

Features of T-fal ActiFry

#4: Black + Decker Air Fryer

Black+Decker Air Fryer - review
Black + Decker Air Fryer is awesome. The exclusive cooking element combines heat with a powerful dual fan convection system to circulate hot air around food for fast, crispy results. It has a big capacity - about 2 liters. The nonstick cooking surfaces release food without the need of cooking spray; plus, the air fryer basket and basket separator are dishwasher-safe.

Features of Black + Decker Air Fryer

#5: GoWise USA 3.7-Quart 7-in-1 Programmable Air Fryer

GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart 7-in-1 Programmable Air Fryer - review
GoWise USA 3.7-Quart 7-in-1 Programmable Air Fryer is the best air fryer for 2 people and it is very cheap compared with its features. The GoWISE USA 3.7 Qt. touchscreen Air fryer is the latest frying alternative solution. The Machine allow users to fry, grill, bake or roast anything from a steak to French fries. Due to its rapid air technology, it's capable of cooking much faster than your traditional appliances. No pre-heating needed. You can also fry with a little to no oil to reduce calories of your favorite foods. 

It features a touchscreen with 7 built-in smart programs with adjustable temperature (up to 400 degrees F) and timer (up to 30 minutes). Cleaning will never be easier with our dishwasher-friendly, non-stick coated inner basket. Simply rinse the basket after usage and it's ready to go in the dishwasher. Every GoWISE USA air fryer comes with its own recipe book to get you started using it right out of the box.

Features of GoWise USA 3.7-Quart 7-in-1 Programmable Air Fryer

Recommended Online Stores To Buy Air Fryers

There are many online stores where you can buy an air fryer. Some of the recommended and popular online stores are Ebay and Amazon. 

But I prefer Ebay because they allow free shipping for most of their products and their products are mostly cheaper than those of Amazon. Philips Digital Air Fryer Avance XL for instance costs around $180 or even lesser on ebay while it costs not less than $250 on Amazon. Also, it takes Ebay a maximum of 3 days (a guarantee) to deliver the product to your door step.

Other Recommended Air Fryer Brands

Here are some other recommended, highly efficient air fryers brands for your home. Click to check them out on ebay:

trending air fryers on ebay
Click Here to see more trending, recommended air fryer brands and their prices on ebay.


I have just give you a concise review of the most recommended and trending air fryers on some popular online stores like ebay, amazon, etc. with their features and prices. Check out those recommended brands properly and choose the one that meets your cooking style.

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