How To Manage Menopause As A Woman - Signs & Symptoms

Menopause is a normal change in a woman’s life when her menstruation (period) stops. During such periods, she will no longer be fertile (not able to become pregnant). Menopause is natural phenomenon in woman characterized by the cessation of menstruation and usually occurring between the ages of 45 and 55years.
In UK, the average age for menopause is 52years according to the Natural Health Service, while in USA the average age is 51years according to Natural Institute of Aging in this part of the world, this often happens between the ages of 45 and 55years. 
In some individuals, it starts earlier, as early as 35 and 40years. Menopause occurs gradually with irregular flow which can be scarcity or excessive before it stops completely.
A woman has reached menopause when she has not had her menstruation for 12 months in a row.
How to cope with menopause
Note: God Almighty is interested in our physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being and so He has the following promises for us. Psalm 91: 121, 1-8



Menopause poses a lot of challenges in the life of women but one must adopt positive attitude towards it; allay fear and anxiety to avoid discouragement in life. The challenges are mainly physical, emotional and psychological symptoms, however, these challenges can be handled according to the symptoms presented at any point in time.


Physical Challenges:

  • Headache, body odour, hair loss in public areas or on whole body, mouth odour and dryness 
  • Increase in allergies 
  • Itching and acting 
  • Incontinence when coughing or sneezing 
  • Weight gain around waist  and thighs resulting in disappearing waist time  
  • Depletion of calcium and potassium 
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Emotional Challenges: 

  • Feeling of dreads apprehension doom (i.e feelings of misfortune like death)


In Eccl. 3:1, the Scripture has already confirmed that there is time for everything and we also know that menopause is a natural phenomenon, we must accept it when it comes. 
The management is based on symptoms 
  • Reassurance 
  • Dispel the myths and misconceptions about menopause
  • Know that this condition can be managed with appropriate adjustment, medication and counseling 
  • Supplementary diets on micronutrients and vitamins e.g calcium, B Complex
  • Application of lubricant for dryness of vagina like KY Jelly 
  • Know adequate rest and sleep
  • Take proper diet for this condition, mainly fruits, vegetables, fibers and fruits 
  • Engage more in physical exercise in alleviate symptoms 


  • Adopt positive exercise like – Evangelism, prayer follow-up or visitation, etc.
  • Express affection to one-another Col. 3:14
  • Avoid discouragement 
  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Dress properly for personal adornment and try to keep fit always 
  • Read information, Education and Communication (IEC) on menopause materials 


  • Vitamin therapy especially Vitamin B12
  • Mineral supplement especially calcium e.g calcium Sandoz 1000mg daily due to bone demineralization
  • Application of genital lubricants during intercourse if weight is dry like KY Jelly for women 
  • Hormone Replacement therapy (H12T) is a way of replacing the ovarian hormone like Estrogen and Progesterone due to non-production as a result of menopause  


The Aging woman should realize that it is a pride to have grown to the age of menopause because some women died even before this age. So, rather than ageing discouraged about the situation, she should learn to manage it and live the rest of her remaining life for God so as to meet her Creator eventually fulfilled.

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