Everything in this world has laws or principles that guide it. Wealth is not an exception. Wealth is more than financial freedom. One can be financially free without being wealthy. A rich man is not regarded as "RICH" because of his money alone but because of his ability to seize and use opportunities that cross his path. Also, a man can be rich without being successful in life. Some people are poor today because they neglect all or most of the principles of wealth. On the other hand, rich and successful people were able to achieve these great heights because they adhered to these principles. You can also improve your current status if you adhere to and put to practice, these principles or laws that are discussed below.
basic principles or laws of financial freedom

Law 1: Plan for the Future

This principle has greatly affected people’s lives either positively or negatively. For the rich, it affected their lives positively because they adhered to it. While for the poor, it affected their lives negatively because they neglected it.

For you to be successful in life, you must learn how to plan your time and your resources, no matter how small or intermittent it may be, because if you fail to plan, certainly, you have planned to fail. Never depend on your fellow man for survival because it is written in the bible that cursed is the man that puts his trust in his fellow mortal. Above all, never forget to put God first in your plan.



Law 2: Learn to Invest Wisely

Investing wisely is one of the distinguishing features or attributes of the rich. They never cease to invest wisely and that is why they never cease to reap the interest of their investment. The poor never invest and the few that invest don’t invest wisely. They always say that their reason for not investing is because they never had enough. But they forgot that some of the rich were once like them but they never ceased to invest wisely the little they had. That excuse is never accepted because practically, nobody has in surplus or in excess, not even the richest man. I know many people will disagree to this, but the truth is that the more your wealth, the more the problem it generates for you (Big man, big trouble).

There are two types of investments, namely;
·         Material Investment
·         Spiritual investment

Material investment is the one we have been pointing to all these while. It is the investment on material things like stock and shares, etc. It is the one people value more and put more of their interest, resources and efforts in. It is very important, but remember that it is as important as spiritual investment.

Spiritual investment on the other hand, is the investment on spiritual things. Few people value and put their efforts, resources and interests in it and those few always have testimonies to share. Spiritual investments include; investments in the house of God like donations and paying of tithes, donations to orphanage homes, etc. Don’t wait until you have surpluses because practically, there is never a time of surpluses. Invest wisely the little you have.

For you to be wealthy, you must balance your investments into these two areas (material and spiritual). Spiritual investment is like a motor that moves material investment. People who invest only on material things always complain of financial instability. What do you expect when you construct an engine without attaching a motor? Be wise!  

Law 3: Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure and Never Blame Anyone for Your Failure

It is true that nobody has ever planned to fail, but why are there still failures in the world today? It is true that failure is sometimes inevitable in life, but it is also true that failure is never the end of one’s life. Some poor people in our society always say, “I have tried many times yet there is no sign of success, therefore, I quit.” But I say, “If you try and you don’t succeed, try, try, try harder again.” Don’t just try again but try harder again. I say this because most times we fail because we don’t put in the required effort. For example, a baker who baked a cake for one of his clients but failed to meet his client’s taste, failed because he didn’t mix the various ingredients in their right proportion.

If he discovers his mistakes, accepts them, takes note of them and tries again, surely, he must improve. He should never blame his client for his mistakes.

The rich always have their past life stories to tell. Most of them tried several times without any sight of success, yet they never gave up. They took the risk, now they are enjoying the game. Our society today suffer financial instability because we lack true entrepreneurs, true risk takers, people who are not afraid of failure, rather, they see it as a challenge. When they fall, they rise to their feet, and then trace the cause of their fall, take note of it and forge ahead. You could be one of the true entrepreneurs believe me! 

Law 4: Discover and Develop Your Potential or Talent

God gave everyone a unique talent or potential. Some are born Teachers, Leaders, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Singers, etc. Wealthy and successful people today attained these great heights because they discovered and developed their potentials. While some poor people travel across countries and continents in search of theirs but will never find it because it is right inside them.

Some people ask, “How can I discover and develop my talent?” Your talent is that thing that you can do very well and you derive joy doing it. It doesn’t just end in discovering your talent, rather go ahead to develop it. You can develop it by practicing it, if possible earn from it. For example, if you are a born Engineer, construct little things that you could sell and get money. Don’t give them out for free because God gave you that talent to help you earn a living. Practice them because by practicing we aim perfection.

Another way to develop your talent is to learn or study more about it. You either learn from people who are already experts in that field or study it as a course in higher institutions. Don’t just learn or study your talent, rather try to be the best in that field.

Another important note is that no talent is greater than the other. The reason why some people are not satisfied with their talent is that they failed to develop it well. Study a course you know you would do well in. Never study a course because people that studied it are making fortunes from it or because your friends are studying it. If you do so, you will regret it later in life because the mistake you make now will affect you for the rest of your life, quote me! So, discover your talent, develop it and be proud of it and you will be happy and wealthy.


We have pointed out and discussed the four basic principles and laws of wealth and how to be successful in life. Study each of these points, don’t just read them. Discover your weak points and correct them and you will surely be wealthy, successful and happy in life. See you in my next post don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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