Today, Solomon tries to reveal to you the origin and foolishness of nature worship and idolatry. Solomon searching a perfect word to qualify those who do not know God as be the master of the universe. Finally, he found the word “foolishness” as the most fitting word. 

the foolishness of nature worship

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According to him, nature worship and idolatry rose as a result of foolishness of some set of people who were so delighted with the beauty of some of the things created by like fire wind, heavenly bodies and thought that those things were gods, but failed to realize the master and creator of beauty who created all these things.

Solomon also pitied those who worship things made by human hands, such as images caved from woods, gold, silver or bronze. He also blamed artists who devout their tone and God-given talent to the design of these objects. Solomon also wondered why some people could be foolish enough to pray to a weak object for health, a dead object life, an inexperienced object for help, and a powerless object for assistance in business. Therefore he tried such acts as FOOLISHNESS.

Solomon also tried to compare wooden idols with Hoax’s wooden boat. But during his analysis he recognized a big difference between the two. Noah’s wooden boat saved lives because God himself blessed and supported this boat, but has cursed wooden idols and those who make them. 

Solomon also revealed the full origin and results to him idolatry gave rise to most unmoral acts such as sexual immorality, murder, cultism, and taking
Solomon also discovered that most people practice idolatry in order to prolong their lives. But they forget that only the almighty God can give immortality. According to him, recognizing the power of God is where immortality begins. Only God can give immortality because he alone is immortality 

TODAY’S READING (Wisdom 12.1-15.6)

Now read the teachings and wise quotes of Solomon for today.


1 For all people who were ignorant of God were foolish by nature; and they were unable from the good things that are seen to know the one who exists, nor did they recognize the artisan while paying heed to his works;
2 but they supposed that either fire or wind or swift air, or the circle of the stars, or turbulent water, or the luminaries of heaven were the gods that rule the world.
3 If through delight in the beauty of these things people assumed them to be gods, let them know how much better than these is their Lord, for the author of beauty created them.
4 And if people were amazed at their power and working, let them perceive from them how much more powerful is the one who formed them.
5 For from the greatness and beauty of created things comes a corresponding perception of their Creator.
6 Yet these people are little to be blamed, for perhaps they go astray while seeking God and desiring to find him.
7 For while they live among his works, they keep searching, and they trust in what they see, because the things that are seen are beautiful.
8 Yet again, not even they are to be excused;
9 for if they had the power to know so much that they could investigate the world, how did they fail to find sooner the Lord of these things?


10 But miserable, with their hopes set on dead things, are those who give the name "gods" to the works of human hands, gold and silver fashioned with skill, and likenesses of animals, or a useless stone, the work of an ancient hand.
11 A skilled woodcutter may saw down a tree easy to handle and skillfully strip off all its bark, and then with pleasing workmanship make a useful vessel that serves life's needs,
12 and burn the cast-off pieces of his work to prepare his food, and eat his fill.
13 But a cast-off piece from among them, useful for nothing, a stick crooked and full of knots, he takes and carves with care in his leisure, and shapes it with skill gained in idleness; he forms it in the likeness of a human being,
14 or makes it like some worthless animal, giving it a coat of red paint and coloring its surface red and covering every blemish in it with paint;
15 then he makes a suitable niche for it, and sets it in the wall, and fastens it there with iron.
16 He takes thought for it, so that it may not fall, because he knows that it cannot help itself, for it is only an image and has need of help.
17 When he prays about possessions and his marriage and children, he is not ashamed to address a lifeless thing.
18 For health he appeals to a thing that is weak; for life he prays to a thing that is dead; for aid he entreats a thing that is utterly inexperienced; for a prosperous journey, a thing that cannot take a step;
19 for money-making and work and success with his hands he asks strength of a thing whose hands have no strength.


1 Again, one preparing to sail and about to voyage over raging waves calls upon a piece of wood more fragile than the ship that carries him.
2 For it was desire for gain that planned that vessel, and wisdom was the artisan who built it;
3 but it is your providence, O Father, that steers its course, because you have given it a path in the sea, and a safe way through the waves,
4 showing that you can save from every danger, so that even a person who lacks skill may put to sea.
5 It is your will that works of your wisdom should not be without effect; therefore people trust their lives even to the smallest piece of wood, and passing through the billows on a raft they come safely to land.
6 For even in the beginning, when arrogant giants were perishing, the hope of the world took refuge on a raft, and guided by your hand left to the world the seed of a new generation.
7 For blessed is the wood by which righteousness comes.
8 But the idol made with hands is accursed, and so is the one who made it — he for having made it, and the perishable thing because it was named a god.
9 For equally hateful to God are the ungodly and their ungodliness;
10 for what was done will be punished together with the one who did it.
11 Therefore there will be a visitation also upon the heathen idols, because, though part of what God created, they became an abomination, snares for human souls and a trap for the feet of the foolish.


12 For the idea of making idols was the beginning of fornication, and the invention of them was the corruption of life; 13 for they did not exist from the beginning, nor will they last forever.
14 For through human vanity they entered the world, and therefore their speedy end has been planned.
15 For a father, consumed with grief at an untimely bereavement, made an image of his child, who had been suddenly taken from him; he now honored as a god what was once a dead human being, and handed on to his dependents secret rites and initiations.
16 Then the ungodly custom, grown strong with time, was kept as a law, and at the command of monarchs carved images were worshiped.
17 When people could not honor monarchs in their presence, since they lived at a distance, they imagined their appearance far away, and made a visible image of the king whom they honored, so that by their zeal they might flatter the absent one as though present.
18 Then the ambition of the artisan impelled even those who did not know the king to intensify their worship.
19 For he, perhaps wishing to please his ruler, skillfully forced the likeness to take more beautiful form,
20 and the multitude, attracted by the charm of his work, now regarded as an object of worship the one whom shortly before they had honored as a human being.
21 And this became a hidden trap for humankind, because people, in bondage to misfortune or to royal authority, bestowed on objects of stone or wood the name that ought not to be shared.


22 Then it was not enough for them to err about the knowledge of
God, but though living in great strife due to ignorance, they call such great evils peace.
23 For whether they kill children in their initiations, or celebrate secret mysteries, or hold frenzied revels with strange customs,
24 they no longer keep either their lives or their marriages pure, but they either treacherously kill one another, or grieve one another by adultery,
25 and all is a raging riot of blood and murder, theft and deceit, corruption, faithlessness, tumult, perjury,
26 confusion over what is good, forgetfulness of favors, defiling of souls, sexual perversion, disorder in marriages, adultery, and debauchery.
27 For the worship of idols not to be named is the beginning and cause and end of every evil.
28 For their worshipers either rave in exultation, or prophesy lies, or live unrighteously, or readily commit perjury;
29 for because they trust in lifeless idols they swear wicked oaths and expect to suffer no harm.
30 But just penalties will overtake them on two counts: because they thought wrongly about God in devoting themselves to idols, and because in deceit they swore unrighteously through contempt for holiness.
31 For it is not the power of the things by which people swear, but the just penalty for those who sin, that always pursues the transgression of the unrighteous.


1 But you, our God, are kind and true, patient, and ruling all things in mercy.
2 For even if we sin we are yours, knowing your power; but we will not sin, because we know that you acknowledge us as yours.
3 For to know you is complete righteousness, and to know your power is the root of immortality.
4 For neither has the evil intent of human art misled us, nor the fruitless toil of painters, a figure stained with varied colors,
5 whose appearance arouses yearning in fools, so that they desire the lifeless form of a dead image.
6 Lovers of evil things and fit for such objects of hope are those who either make or desire or worship them.


Fools seek protection in idols while wise men seek protection in the Almighty God – Kelly Joseph


(Recite with deep faith)
Lord Jesus keep far from me the desire for nature worship and idolatry. Help me to truly realize that you alone give true immorality. Also help me to recognize your power in everything I do – Amen

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