Today, Solomon tries to let you understand that wisdom can rescue you from dangers. Wisdom came into being right from the beginning of the world.
Solomon used some instances to convince you that wisdom can save those who are his friends. And you can only be her friend if you allow to come into your life. Some of the people of old that wisdom protected were:
Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Jacob, Joseph, the Israelites, etc.

how wisdom rescued people of old

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Solomon also gave instances of people that wisdom abandoned and how their lives were ruined because of her absence. One of such people was Cain. Wisdom abandoned Cain after he killed his brother Abel. As a result of her absence, Cain became a fugitive. Another instance was the people of Egypt. Wisdom abandoned the Egyptians when they started maltreating God’s people the Israelites. As soon as she left the Egyptian, God punished them with ten plagues. 

This means that the absence of wisdom brings suffering ad confusion. Strive to always have wisdom at your side so that God’s blessing will always locate you. 

TODAY’S READING (Wisdom 10.1-1.20)

Now read the teachings and wise quotes from Solomon for today.


1 Wisdom protected the first-formed father of the world, when he alone had been created; she delivered him from his transgression,
2 and gave him strength to rule all things.


3 But when an unrighteous man departed from her in his anger, he perished because in rage he killed his brother.
4 When the earth was flooded because of him, wisdom again saved it, steering the righteous man by a paltry piece of wood.


5 Wisdom also, when the nations in wicked agreement had been put to confusion, recognized the righteous man and preserved him blameless before God, and kept him strong in the face of his compassion for his child.


6 Wisdom rescued a righteous man when the ungodly were perishing; he escaped the fire that descended on the Five Cities.
7 Evidence of their wickedness still remains: a continually smoking wasteland, plants bearing fruit that does not ripen, and a pillar of salt standing as a monument to an unbelieving soul.
8 For because they passed wisdom by, they not only were hindered from recognizing the good, but also left for humankind a reminder of their folly, so that their failures could never go unnoticed.
9 Wisdom rescued from troubles those who served her.


10 When a righteous man fled from his brother's wrath, she guided him on straight paths; she showed him the kingdom of God, and gave him knowledge of holy things; she prospered him in his labors, and increased the fruit of his toil.
11 When his oppressors were covetous, she stood by him and made him rich.
12 She protected him from his enemies, and kept him safe from those who lay in wait for him; in his arduous contest she gave him the victory, so that he might learn that godliness is more powerful than anything else.


13 When a righteous man was sold, wisdom did not desert him, but delivered him from sin. She descended with him into the dungeon,
14 and when he was in prison she did not leave him, until she brought him the scepter of a kingdom and authority over his masters.
Those who accused him she showed to be false, and she gave him everlasting honor.


15 A holy people and blameless race wisdom delivered from a nation of oppressors.
16 She entered the soul of a servant of the Lord, and withstood dread kings with wonders and signs.
17 She gave to holy people the reward of their labors; she guided them along a marvelous way, and became a shelter to them by day, and a starry flame through the night.
18 She brought them over the Red Sea, and led them through deep waters;
19 but she drowned their enemies, and cast them up from the depth of the sea.
20 Therefore the righteous plundered the ungodly; they sang hymns, O Lord, to your holy name, and praised with one accord your defending hand;
21 for wisdom opened the mouths of those who were mute, and made the tongues of infants speak clearly.


1 Wisdom prospered their works by the hand of a holy prophet.
2 They journeyed through an uninhabited wilderness, and pitched their tents in untrodden places.
3 They withstood their enemies and fought off their foes.
4 When they were thirsty, they called upon you, and water was given them out of flinty rock, and from hard stone a remedy for their thirst.
5 For through the very things by which their enemies were punished, they themselves received benefit in their need.


6 Instead of the fountain of an ever-flowing river, stirred up and defiled with blood
7 in rebuke for the decree to kill the infants, you gave them abundant water unexpectedly,
8 showing by their thirst at that time how you punished their enemies.
9 For when they were tried, though they were being disciplined in mercy, they learned how the ungodly were tormented when judged in wrath.
10 For you tested them as a parent does in warning, but you examined the ungodly as a stern king does in condemnation.
11 Whether absent or present, they were equally distressed,
12 for a twofold grief possessed them, and a groaning at the memory of what had occurred.
13 For when they heard that through their own punishments the righteous had received benefit, they perceived it was the
LORD's doing.
14 For though they had mockingly rejected him who long before had been cast out and exposed, at the end of the events they marveled at him, when they felt thirst in a different way from the righteous.
15 In return for their foolish and wicked thoughts, which led them astray to worship irrational serpents and worthless animals, you sent upon them a multitude of irrational creatures to punish them,
16 so that they might learn that one is punished by the very things by which one sins.
17 For your all-powerful hand, which created the world out of formless matter, did not lack the means to send upon them a multitude of bears, or bold lions,
18 or newly-created unknown beasts full of rage, or such as breathe out fiery breath, or belch forth a thick pall of smoke, or flash terrible sparks from their eyes;
19 not only could the harm they did destroy people, but the mere sight of them could kill by fright.
20 Even apart from these, people could fall at a single breath when pursued by justice and scattered by the breath of your power.
But you have arranged all things by measure and number and weight.


Wisdom protects and rescues those who welcome and treat her as a man teats his newly wedded wife – Kelly Joseph


(Recite with deep faith)
Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the source of my wisdom bless me with the gift of wisdom and may she see me through in all my undertaking especially in the trying moment of my life – Amen.

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