Have you lost hope in your bad conditions?
I tell you solemnly, don’t give up hope, there are still good days ahead.
Do you know that God can do 11th hour miracle in that your ugly situation?
Eleventh hour miracle is still real.

reasons why you should wait and trust in God

Now read this testimony of Eleventh hour miracle narrated to me by one of my old friends, Mr. John:

Mr. John was a wealthy merchant who was very prosperous. He was an upright man before man and God. He had many apprentices in his various shops in town and always establishes the obedient ones at the end of their contract. Mr. John also cared for the poor and the needy and visited the orphanage homes. He later married and was blessed with five children. 

All of a sudden, things changed and poverty struck him. His wealth started varnishing. He was left with no option than to sell his shops. All the efforts made by Mr. John to bring back his good fortunes were all in vain. At a point, he sold his house and returned to the village, where he started a new life. Good lucks disappeared from his ways, and as such all his endeavours and struggles were all in vain. His five children dropped out from school because he couldn’t afford to pay their school fees. But in all these, Mr. John never gave up hoping for a better days ahead.

At a point, the family could not meet up with three square meal a day. His wife’s attitude towards him suddenly changed. She would shout at him and his children at the slightest provocation. But her attitude never brought back the good, lost fortune.

The peak of the whole experience was one Christmas Eve, he couldn’t afford a dinner for the family. He had gone for job that day, but nobody hired him. So, he came back that day empty handed. His wife had already prepared to go to the market to get some food stuffs for the family hoping that he would bring some money home. When she asked him for some money, Mr. John told her, “Please my darling wife, I have no money with me now. Nobody hired me for the day’s job. But I hope to get something before today ends. Please bear with me.”

But his wife was never ready to listen to such story. She shouted at him, insulted him and called him at sorts of bad names. But Mr. John never uttered any further word. He kept on hoping that God will intervene in his case. He later assured his wife that before 8.00pm that day, there will be a miracle. So the poor woman had no option than to wait and see the miracle. She checked the time from time to time. 

Before now, hunger had dealt mercilessly with his children. The little ones cried until they slept off with empty stomach. His two elderly sons, Michael and Daniel grumbled to no avail. When they heard of the forth coming miracle, they had no other option than to wait for it.

When next his wife checked the time, it said 8:10 pm. She jumped up and asked her husband about the said miracle. At this point, Mr. John felt like running away. But he picked up courage and told her to wait up till 9:00pm. But the poor woman wouldn’t listen to him. She shouted more loudly. When she discovered that her attitude made no difference, she decided to wait up till 9:00pm. At this time, Michael and Daniel almost cursed their father loudly. But they later decided to wait up till 9:00pm.

At 9:00pm, the prophesied miracle was still not in sight. Mr. John extended the time to 10:00pm. When it was 10:00pm, the miracle was still not in sight, but he hopefully extended it to 11:00pm. At 11:00pm, the miracle was still not in sight. Michael, Daniel and their mother gave up hope. They made up their mind to sleep with an empty stomach.

But at about 11:15pm, there was a knock on the front door of the house. At the sound of the first knock, everybody in the house kept silent. But the knock persisted. At a point, Mr. John decided to rebuke the late hour visitor, but then a second thought came in, so he decided to go and check who this midnight visitor could be. When he heard the knock again, how went to the door and peeped through the window, but couldn’t recognize the visitor because everywhere was covered with deep darkness. So he decided to open the door. 

Immediate the door was opened, the visitor called his name, smiled at him and embraced him. He thought it was a ghost and almost fainted in fear. But the visitor flashed his touch light, but he still couldn’t recognize who this visitor was. Out of fear and tension, he asked, “who are you?” But the visitor said nothing but continued to smile at him. After about five minutes of silence, his visitor decided to disclose his identity and mentioned his own name, Mike. 

When Mr. John heard this name, he bent down his head and thought back and ask himself, “could this be Mike, my boy?” He looked up again to the face of his unknown guest and saw tribal marks on his cheeks. Then he concluded that it could be Mike – his one-time apprentice, but still had some elements of doubt because Mike his apprentice was very slim while his visitor was plump. But he managed to bring out his hands for a handshake. He then asked the visitor in a low tone, “Are you Mike one of my boy?” The visitor nodded and Mr. John gave him a deep embrace and welcome inside his house. He introduced Mike to his wife and also introduced his wife to Mike.

Mike was Mr. John’s first apprentice. He was very obedient and hard working. Therefore at the end of their contract, Mr. John established him. Luck ran into his way and his business flourished. He now has three big stores in three different states of the country.

Mike came back for Christmas and decided to visit his Boss. He checked on Mr. John’s house in town and was told that Mr. John had sold the house and had returned to his village with his family. So Mike drove all the way to Mr. John’s village in order to see him. But before he could locate Mr. John’s house with ease, it was already getting to midnight. That was why he arrived very late in the night.

After the introduction and exchange of greetings, Mike told Michael and Daniel to go his car boot and bring the food items he brought for them. Immediately, Mr. John turned to his wife and exclaimed, “Miracle!” she felt guilty. After some minute, Michael and Daniel hurled in a bag of rice alongside other food stuffs. Out of joy, Mr. John’s wife hugged Mike and thanked him endlessly. She looked backed at her husband and smiled.

After Mr. John narrated his misfortune to Mike, he had pity on his Boss and gave him a huge amount of money to start back his business. Mr. John refused to disclose the exact amount to me for reasons best known to him.

That was how Mr. John and his family celebrated that year’s Christmas with joy. This is really an Eleventh hour miracle!

Why not wait and pray for yours?
Do you think it is too late?

No time is too late for God to perform his miracle.


There are many reasons why you should wait and trust in God. Because God has promised you, he will never fail you. Isaiah 41:10 says,
“Do not be afraid – I am with you!
I am your God. Let nothing terrify you!
I will make you strong and help you;
I will protect you and save you.”

Also Isaiah 61:7 says,
“Your shame and disgrace are ended.
You will live in your own land,
And your wealth will be doubled;
Your joy will last forever.”

These are God’s promises to you. Wait fervently on God and these words will be accomplished in your life.





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