Do you have a bible? Have you read it before?
Do you know that the bible contains the solutions to every problem of man?

Yes the bible contains instances of every problem and their final solutions. Only few Christians are aware of this. There are many benefits you enjoy from studying your bible regularly. I will reveal some of these benefits later.
Reasons why you should read your bible everyday
I was once among these Christians that doubts on what the bible can do. My Dad always tells us that those who always study their bible never lack anything in their lives. I always meditate on my father’s words, but seeing some men of God who are married for many years without having children makes me criticize my Dad’s assertion. I once asked myself,
“Why do pagans succeed easily than real Christians?”
All my questions and doubts about what the bible can do was cleared after my brother’s experience with the bible. The story below will convince you that God can answer pour prayers and provide all your needs when you study your bible regularly.

My elder brother, Pius won a conditional scholarship to study 3 year course in a University abroad. The condition was that the Federal Government will sponsor him for the first two years while he takes care of his expenses for the third year.
When it was time for Pius to travel abroad for his scholarship, my Dad call him and gave him a well wrapped parcel. Dad told Pius, “My son, this parcel is a bible. Whenever you have any problem over there, open any chapter of this bible and read. God will solve your problems through this bible. Dad never gave him any money. When the plane took-off Pius pondered over the words my Dad told him. Looking at the bible, he asked himself, “What can this bible do for me? Can it pay my school fees? Can it pay my accommodation fee?”
He took the parcel and put it at the bottom of his luggage, feeling disappointed.

For the first two years of his study, Pius never remembered to read is bible. He led a rascal life. At the beginning of the third year, the university management notified him to pay his accommodation fee within the next one month. He wrote to Dad to send him his accommodation fee, but was disappointed at the reply he got from Dad.
Dad replied him, “Pius my son, read your bible”.
Again Pius wrote to Dad and asked him. “Dad, can the bible pay my accommodation fee”. But he never got a reply from Dad.

A month later, he was packed out of the university hostel because he couldn’t pay his fee and went to live with one of his friends living off campus.
After two weeks, the University management notified him to pay his school fees within next three weeks, else he would not be allowed to write his examinations. Again Pius wrote to Dad, asking him to send his school fees within the next three weeks so that he would be allowed to write his exam. But Dad sent him his usual reply, “Pius my son read your bible”. Seeing this reply again, Pius became infuriated and threatened to quit the university if Dad did not sent him his school fees within the next two works. But his threats never changed the story for better.

At the beginning of the third week, which was the last week he had to pay his school fees, Pius was frustrated. He went to a mall and bought a bottle of ROM which he drank till he became drunk. That night an idea came to him and he said to himself, “I will quit my studies and return home. Since Dad has decided to shatter my future, I will end his life as soon as I reach home”. The following morning, he had a second thought and decided to first reveal his plain to one of his uncle living over there.

On reaching his uncle’s residence, he narrated his father’s attitude towards his education; how he transferred his responsibility of paying his fees to the bible. Finally, he disclosed his plans of quitting his education and then travelling home to shoot Dad dead. Uncle Jude asked Pius whether Dad gave him a bible. “Dad gave me a very big wrapped parcel which he said contained a bible. He gave me no money and told me to read the bible whenever I have problems and challenges. Uncle can a bible pay my fees?” Pius asked Uncle Jude.

Uncle Jude tried to calm Pius down and asked him if he had read that bible since he got it. Pius told him that the bible is still intact in his luggage, he had not even unwrapped it. “Pius, your Dad assured you that the bible will bring solutions to your problems. To fulfill all righteousness, go and bring the bible and read it in front of me. If it does not give you any solution to you challenges, then travel home and execute your plans”. Uncle Jude advised Pius.

Reluctantly, Pius decided to try our uncle’s suggestion. He went to his residence, searched for the bible in his luggage. He finally saw it at the bottom of his luggage. He rushed back to Uncle Jude’s resident with the bible still wrapped. Uncle Jude was still standing outside when Pius arrived. Standing in front of uncle, Pius unwrapped the bible and opened it to read.

Opening the book of Genesis, Pius found some currency notes stacked in between two pages of the bible. Anxiously, he counted it and it amount to $50. Pius slowly looked up to see Uncle Jude’s reaction but uncle was dumb founded. He fixed his gaze at Pius. Pius decided to read another chapter. He opened the book of Exodus and also found another $50. He also opened the book of Leviticus and also found another $50. Pius continued to open each books of the bible and on each of the book, he found $50. On getting to the last book of the Old Testament which is the book of the prophet Malachi, he also found $50. At this point, Uncle Jude shouted, “Pius, read your bible!”
Pius later disclosed that Dad had divided the total of his fees by fifty and put $50 at the beginning of each book of the bible. He realized that Dad only wanted to know if he would read the bible he gave to him. At that point Pius felt guilty and tears dripped from his cheeks and he wept bitterly. He later rushed to pay his school fees and his hostel fee. Two day later, Pius wrote to Dad asking for forgiveness.
This was how the bible paid Pius school fees and hostel fees.

Do you know that the bible can also provide solutions to those your needs?
Why not try reading your bible now?

Now, I will reveal some of the benefits you enjoy from reading the bible.


There are uncountable benefits you enjoy whenever you pick up your bible and read it. Below are some of these benefits:
1) You tend to understand and know God better.
2) It draws you closer to God.
3) It suggests solutions to your present problems and challenges with reference to similar instances in the bible.
4) It helps you to know and do God’s will.
5) God reveals things to come to those who study his words.

Do you want to enjoy these benefits?
Then study your bible everyday.





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