The eagle is a bird but it has some special characters and qualities that makes it unique. People refer to it as the king of all birds. All other birds respect and fear it. Whenever it come out, other birds hide. 

When one is renewed, he receives some of these attributes becomes unique and fear disappears. 

Some of these attributes of the eagle that make it uniqueSome of these attributes of the eagle that make it unique

Some of these attributes of the eagle that make it unique are:

1. It Is Fearless: 

The eagle has no atom of fear in it. It fears no other bird. 

LESSON: As a Christian and a renewed child of God, you should be fearless like an eagle. Fear not man or the devil, but fear the Lord. 

2. The Eagle Looks Directly Into The Sun: 

The eagle is the only creature on earth that can look directly into the sun without being hurt by the sun. God gave it this feature. It is the key feature of its uniqueness. No man on earth can look directly into the sun without being hurt by the sun. 

LESSON: The sun is the greatest challenge to mankind. No man has gone to the sun and come back alive several attempts made by man failed. But the eagle takes the challenge and looks directly into the sun into the sun. Likewise you should face your challenges fearlessly like the eagle.

3. It Kills Its Prey By Itself: 

The eagle does not eat preys killed by the animals and birds. When it sees an enticing pray, it goes after it and kills it by itself. It is not a lazy creature. 

LESSON: This is a challenge to revived Christians. Learn to work hard to meet your daily needs. Don’t wait for God to throw down manna from heaven again.

4. It Changes Unfavourable War Arenas to Its Favour: 

An eagle does not fight on the land with any animal. When a snake attacks an eagle on hand, the eagle changes the war zone to the sky by carrying the snake into the sky because it knows that the sky will always favour it. There in the sky, it kills the snake. 

LESSON: As a renewed Christian do not let the devil determine the war arena. When the devil challenges you physically with problems, change the war arena to a spiritual war zone by taking the problems to God in prayers. With this tactics, you will always win the devil.

5. It Is The Proudest Of All Birds: 

The eagle is very proud because it knows that it is a unique creature. It does not associate with birds because it knows they are not equal match with it. It only associates with other eagles. 

LESSON:As a renewed child of God, be proud of your faith and demerit associate much with unbelievers. Associate with your fellow Christians. Those who have the same target as yours.

6. It Flies Higher Into The Sky Than Any Other Bird: 

The eagle has powerful wings. It reaches the highest flight height than any other creature because of its powerful wings. 

LESSON: As a revived Christian, do not operate on the same level with the unbelievers especially when it comes to spiritual matters. Make them know the difference. Entice them with your characters and they will have no other option than to join you. With this you draw more souls to God.

Whenever the devil comes around you, make him feel inferior. Do not succumb to his decisions. When you treat me like this, he will be ashamed and afraid to come near you again.

Other Unique Qualities of an Eagle

7. Eagles Love the Storm:

When clouds gather, the eagle gets excited, the eagle uses the storms wind to lift itself higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagle uses the raging storm to lift itself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the branches and leaves of the tree.

LESSON: Face your challenges head on knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, rather they relish them and use them profitably.

8. Mating Strategy Of Eagles:

When a Female Eagle Meets a Male Eagle and they want to mate, she flies down to earth, picks a twig and flies back into the air with the male eagle in hot pursuit. Once she has reached a height high enough for her, she drops the twig and let it fall to the ground while she watches. The male eagle chases after the twig and catches it before it reached the ground, then bring it back to the female eagle. 

The female eagle grabs the twig and flies to a much higher altitude and drops the twig again for the male eagle to chase. This goes on for hours with the height increasing each time until the female eagle is assured that the male eagle has mastered the art of picking the twig which shows commitment. Then and only then will she allow him to mate with her.

LESSON: Whether in private life or business, one should test the commitment of the people intended for partnership.

9. Eagles Prepare for Training:

They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young ones get uncomfortable in preparation for flying and eventually flies when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.

LESSON: Leave your Comfort Zone, there is No Growth there.

10. When the Eagle Grows Old:

His feathers becomes weak and cannot take him as fast and as high as it should. This makes him weak and could make him die. So he retires to a place far away in the mountains. While there, he plucks out the weak feathers on his body and breaks its beaks and claws against the rocks until he is completely bare; a very bloody and painful process. Then he stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers, new beaks and claws and then he comes out flying higher than before.

LESSON:  We occasionally need to shed off old habit no matter how difficult, things that burden us or add no value to our lives should be let go.

Lastly, do not forget that the word of God is the sword of the spirit. It scares the devil away.



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