Today’s reflection will focus on Jesus’ point of view about loans and repayment, generosity, guaranteeing debts, home and hospitality, bringing up children, health, cheerfulness and sadness and finally, problems caused by money.

Loans, repayments and problems caused by money

Jesus son of Sirach encourages the attitude of lending to those who need help but frowns on the attitude of debtors refusing to pay back borrowed money.

He also encourages generosity. He advises you to use your wealth as the Most High has commended because it does more good than keeping you money for yourself.

Jesus never condemned the act of guaranteeing your neighbours debts, rather he advices you to be wise and never let it ruin your good name.

He also advises you to be content with what you have. Live under your own roof and avoid being a tenant in order people’s homes. He also advises you to be hospitable.

Jesus advises parents to discipline their children while they are still young and not to ever spare the rod so that they will secure a better future for them.

On the area of health, the son of Sirach advises you to take good care of your health, avoid sadness and always try to be cheerful.

Finally, he warns you about the problems caused by money, and advises you not to love money because it is the root of all evil.


1. Loans and Repayment (29.1 – 29.7)
2. Generosity (29.8 – 29.13)
3. Guaranteeing debts (29.14 - 29.28)
4. Home and hospitality (29.21 – 29.28)
5. Bringing up children (30.1 – 30.13)
6. Health (30.14 – 30.20)
7. Cheerfulness and sadness (30.21 – 30.25)
8. Problems caused by money (31.1 – 31.11)

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1. Be kind enough to lend to your neighbor when he needs help. You are keeping the Lord’s commands if you help him (29.1).

2. Avoid being a debtor and whenever you are in debtor, pay it back as soon as you can (29.2).

3. Many people refuse to lend at all, not because they are stingy, but because they don’t want to be cheated if they can avoid it (29.7).

4. Nevertheless, be understanding with those who are poor. Don’t keep them waiting for your generosity (29.8).

5. Count among your treasures the fact that you give to the poor.

It will save you from all kinds of trouble and will be a better defense against your enemies then the strongest shield or stoutest spear (29.12 – 29.13).

6. A sinner who hopes to make a profit by guaranteeing a loan is going to find himself involves in lawsuits (29.19).

7. So help your neighbours as much as you can, but protect yourself against the dangers involved (29.20).

8. Wise man be content with what you have. It is better to be poor and live under your own crude roof than to enjoy lavish banquets in other people’s homes (29.22).

9. Try to be hospitable because being denied hospitality or having a money lender hound you, are heard things for any sensible man to endure (29.28).

10. Discipline your children. A father who loves his son will whip him often, so that he can be proud of him later (30.1).

11. Guide your children right because anyone who gives good guidance to his son can not only take pride in him among his friend, but he can make his enemies jealous (30.3).

12. Discipline your sons.

An untamed horse is going to be stubborn and an undisciplined son I no different (30.8).

13. Take good care of your health for it is better to be poor, but strong and healthy, than to be rich, but in poor health (30.14).

14. Always try to be cheerful and avoid all that cause sadness. Don’t’ deliberately torture yourself by giving in to depression (30.21).

15. Avoid worry, jealousy and anger because they will make you old before your time and will shorten your life (30.24).

16. Be careful because no one who loves money can be judged innocent, his efforts to get rich have led him to sin (31.5).

17. Be wise and careful because money is a trap for those who are fascinated by it, a trap that every fool falls into (31.7).


(Recite with deep faith)
Lord Jesus, help me to be carefully with monetary issues and save me from the problems caused by money. May I always be content with what I have and also to be hospitable especially to strangers. Help me to show my children the right path to follow and above all, bless me with good health – Amen.



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