In this article, I will explicitly explain to you the the meanings and consequences of some common dreams. I will also reveal to you some common mistakes people do after having dreams. Then i will suggest some possible ways to free yourself from satanic bondage and powers and consequences of dreams.

Dreams, meanings and consequences

Here are some dreams people neglect and their meanings and consequences:

a) Eating in Dreams: 

Not all food eaten in dreams have meaning and consequences. Someone who goes to sleep with an empty stomach can dream and see himself eating delicious meals. This is a mere reflection of your last state before your went to bed. 

But do not be deceived, if this happens to you always, then the dream has a meaning and a consequence. When you eat in dreams, the devil takes away your power of prayer. He renders you prayerless. The devil is very tricky. He gives you delicious meals in your dreams and in exchange, he takes away your power of prayer. 

When you eat, you become weak whenever you want to pray because that forms serpent in your stomach and continues to torment you. And also when you manage to pray, it will no more have an effect. The devil also uses this medium to initiate children of God into his kingdom.

b) Fornicating in Dreams: 

Some people fornicate in dreams with their loved ones (wife or husband). When you fornicate in dreams, you enter into spiritual covenant with the devil. Also, people who fornicate in dreams find it very difficult to conceive when they marry.

c) Interacting with Familiar Faces in Dreams: 

Sometimes the devil was faces of your loves once, parents, friends, etc. to deceive in dreams. Those familiar faces you see are not really familiar to you. They are faces of agents of the devil. He knows that when those faces appear familiar, you will easily give in to their demands. Beware!

d) Bathing in Dreams: 

This kind of dream comes mostly to women and young ladies, even little girls. If you dream and find yourself taking bath in rivers or stream, it means you are under the control of marine spirits. Sometimes you might see another woman or lady bathing you in your dream. She is simply washing away your divine spiritual powers, so that they can now use you as an agent to get more souls. 

e) Being Pursued or Captured in Dreams: 

If you are always being pursued in dreams, what happens is that the devil wants to take away your destiny or divine gifts. At more serious case is when you are pursued and captured. What it simply means is that the devil has taken away your destiny and such a situation needs prompt attention, else you become useless in life. Another similar instance is when someone snatches what you are holding from your hands.

f) Marrying or Bearing Children in Dreams: 

Those looking desperately for husband or children always misinterpret such dreams. They think it is the manifestation of their heart desire. And the devil being very tricking brings such dreams to these people to deceive them. When you see yourself getting married or having children in dreams, it means you have spirit husband or wife and spirit children. What these spirit husband, wise or children do is to prevent you from getting married or having children in the physical world.

I have been talking about bad dreams. There are also good dreams. Some of them are:
Singing praises to God in your dreams
Helping the poor in your dreams, etc.

Now I will tell you the mistakes many people do after having dreams both good and bad dreams.


Many people don’t believe in their dreams. Some simply conclude that their dreams don’t actualize. No one can tell, God may have sent you the dream to inform you about what will happen in future.
Whenever you have a dream, whether a good or a bad dream, the best thing to do is to pray to God and ask him to allow the good dreams to manifest and to cancel the effects of the bad ones.

Now I will reveal to you the remedies of satanic bondages and consequences and powers of dreams.


Satan (Lucifer) still has power. When God threw him down to earth from heaven, God did not cease his powers. The devil now uses his powers to keep people in spiritual bondages, sometimes through the dreams.
Even though the devil has powers, the power and authority of God still supersedes his because he was only an angel of God before.  

There are things that can help to free you from the bondage of the devil and inhibit the consequences of bad dreams. Most of these things or activities prevent you from being a captive of the devil. Some of the things or activities are:

1. Attending Holy Mass Everyday And Receiving the Holy Communion Regularly: 

Please if you are a non-Catholic pardon me, I am a staunch catholic. The holy mass and the Holy Eucharist are the sources of powers for Catholics and protections and those who believe in them. What makes a mass said by a Reverend Father holy is the Eucharistic celebration, cut off this, it is called a service. Any catholic who attends holy mass regularly and receives the Holy Communion in a state of grace can never be harmed or put in bondage by the devil. The holy mass is the highest sacrifice and highest prayer.

2. Saying Your Rosary Everyday: 

Apart from the holy mass, the Holy Rosary is another source of power and protection. Unfortunately many non-Catholics criticize the saying of the rosary that it is the worship of idol. This is not true. Through the rosary, we ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for us. There are numerous testimonies about the power of the Holy Rosary. Please do not join those who criticize the Rosary. I know I have sounded a bit biased. Not let me reveal another remedy for everyday, both Catholics and non-Catholics.

3. Going for Deliverance Prayers: 

There is power in prayer. Though everybody has the power to pray. Everybody does not have equal rights and authority when it comes to prayer. God gave some people special grace and authority to command the devil. 

But do not underestimate your own grace, you might be among those who have this special grace without knowing. The priests of God have super special grace and authority to command the devil. But note that not all those who claim to be priests of God are true priests of God, some of them are agents of the devil. Make sure you meet the right person for prayers and deliverance from Satan bondage and consequences of bad dreams.



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