Our reflection today focuses on how to behave at dinner parties, how to interpret the law, reasons why people are not the same, being independent and low to treat slaves.

How to behave at dinner parties

Jesus, the son of Sirach explicitly addressed all these points, advising you to heed to his advice so that you will be wise. He tells you what to do and what not to do in a dinner party. He also tells you why people are not alike through every human being was made from the dust of the earth.

He finally advises you to be kind and treat your slaves a brother because you need him as you need yourself.


1. Behavior at Dinner parties (31.12 – 32.13)
2. Interpreting the law (32.14 – 33.6)
3. People are not alike (33.7 – 33.18)
4. Be independent (33.19 – 33.23)
5. Treatment of slaves (33.24 – 33.31)

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1. Wise man not this: When you set down at a fancy banquet, don’t let your mouth hang open, and don’t say, “Look at all that food!” (31.12).

2. Do not have a greedy eye. It is impolite to have a greedy eye; remember that. Nothing in creation is greedier than the eye’ that is why it shads tears so often (31.13).

3. Do you want to be treated kindly at dinner parties?

Then be considerate of the other people at the table and treat them the way you want to be treated (31.15).

4. Be wise and don’t try to prove your manhood by how much you can drink. Wine has been the ruin of many. (31.25).

5. Note this: Wine can put new life into you if you drink it in moderation. 

What would life be like without it? Wine was created to make us happy (31.27).

6. Never rebuke a person when you have both been drinking. 

Don’t hurt his feelings while he is having a good time. It is not the right time to criticize anyone, or to ask him to pay back a debt (31.31).

7. Always be humble.

 If you are chosen to preside at a banquet, don’t put or airs. Just be like anyone else. Look after the quests before you site done (32.2)

8. Note this: The reputation of a modest person goes before him, as lightening before thunder (32.10).

9. Wise man, leave the party at the right time and never be the last to go. Don’t linger at the door; just go straight home. (32.10)

10. Do you want to be famous?

Then fear the Lord. If your fear the Lord, you will know that is right and you will be famous for your fairness (32.16)

11. Do you hunger to keep the Lord’s commands?

Then note these:
a) Don’t take a course of action that is dangerous and don’t make the same mistake twice (32.20).
b) Don’t be too sure of yourself, even when the way looks easy (32.21)
c) Always watch where you are going (32.22).
d) Whatever you do be careful; this is keeping the Lord’s commands (32.23).

12. Always fear and trust the Lord. No evil will ever come to a person who fears the Lord; however often danger comes, the Lord will come to his rescue (33.1)

13. Do you want to always get people’s attention when you speak? 

Then prepared what you are going to say and people will listen to you. Use what you have learnt before you start talking (32.4).

14. Have you ever wondered why people are lot alike?

Every human being was made from the earth, just as Adam was. But the Lord, in his wisdom, made then all different and gave them different tasks (33.10 – 33.11). Just as clay is in the potter’s hands for him to shape as he pleases, so we are in the hands of our creator for him to do with as he wishes (33.13).

15. Good is the opposite of evil, life is the opposite of death, and sin is the opposite of devotion to the Lord (33.14).

Think about it: the Most High made everything in pairs, each ting the opposite of something else (33.15).

16. Note this:

Never, as long as you live anyone power over you – whether son, wife, brother or friend. Don’t give your property to anyone; you might change your mind and have to ask for it back (33.19).

17. Wait until the last moment of your life, when you are breathing your last, and then divide your property among your heirs (33.23).

18. Be careful, but don’t be too severe with anyone, and never be unfair (33.29).

If you have a salve, treat him as you would want to be treated; you bought him with your hard earned money (33.30).


(Recite with deep faith)
Lord Jesus, give me the spirit of self-control, so that I will not miss-behave or offend you in public. Give me wisdom to always interpret your laws rightly. Draw me closer to you and help me to be independent of material things. May I always be kind to my neighbor and slaves – Amen.



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