Do you have sad stories? What is that ugly experience that makes you cry when every you remember it. Everybody has stories. Some people curse themselves anytime they remember their sad experiences.

5 points that can change your sad stories and experiences

I want to share with you, five points or steps that will change your ugly experiences. I will also list some Psalms that change sad stories. Luke 5:1-11 narrates how Jesus Christ called his first disciples. But I want to analyze the sad experience Peter and the other fishermen had. They fished the whole night without catching a single fish. But immediately Jesus came into the scene, the whole story change. Jesus is the only one bring permanent positive change.

But do not know that most times God intentionally allows you to have some bad experiences for a purpose? This is certainly true. In the above story, God allowed Peter and his group to have such sad experience so that they will be the disciples of Jesus.

So whenever you have an ugly experience, pray to God and ask that his will be done in your life.

Now let me share the 5 sad story–changing points with you.


1. Burning Desire For The Word Of God: 

As I said earlier only Jesus Christ has the lasting solution to your problem and he is the word of God (Read John 1:1-2). To desire for the word of God simply means you desire to have Jesus in your life. When he comes into your life, your sad stories will change. In the above story, Peter desired for the word of God even in his sad moments. That was why he allowed Jesus to enter his boat.

2. Allow Jesus To Come Into Your Problems: 

Jesus Christ is the problem solver. When you allow him to come in and know your problems, he will give you the solution to the problem.

3. Have Faith And Obey The Word Of God: 

Faith and obedience are the keys to obtaining favour from God. In Luke 5:4, after Jesus Christ had finished preaching, he told Peter and his partners to put their net into the deep water and they will have a catch. 

Verse 5 illustrates Peter’s faith and obedience. He answered Jesus, “Master, we worked hard all night long and caught nothing. But if you say so, I will let down the nets”. Remember that Simon Peter was washing up his net when Jesus approached. Also he was a professional fisherman and had implemented all the skills he knew but caught nothing. 

But he never doubted Jesus, he obeyed and let down his nets and caught such a large number of fish that the nets were about to break (verse 6). This is the reward of faith and obedience. In your said situations do you obey God’s word?

4. Utilize Good Opportunities That Come Your Way: 

God sometimes sends good opportunities on your ways in your sad moments. Try as much as possible to utilize such opportunities.

Judges 11:1-33 narrates the story of Jephthah, a brave soldier from Gilead and how he utilized his opportunities. He was the son of a prostitute and was forced to leave his home. But when the Ammonites went toward against Israel, the people of Israel remembered him and came to ask to lead them so that they can fight the ammonites. This was his response and the condition he gave them. If you take me back home to fight the Ammonites and the Lord gives me victory, I will be your ruler”. The Lord gave him victory and he became the ruler of Israel. 

Jephthah recognized the opportunity God gave him and never allowed the opportunity to pass him by. There is a saying that, “Opportunity comes only but once.” 

Recognize and utilize any good opportunities that come your way and your sad story will change for good.

5. Recognize That Your Story Is Unfavourable And Ask God In Prayers For Positive Change: 

Recognition and determination is the first step to every problem solving process. You must first recognize that those experiences are disgusting and then be determined to change them. But you can’t change them on your own. Tell them to God in prayers and ask him for a positive change. 

1st Chronicles 4:9-10 narrates the story of Jabez. His mother names him Jabez because his birth had been very painful. His name brought hardship to his life but he recognized this and prayed to God thus;
“Bless me, God, and give me much land. Be with me and keep me from anything evil that might cause me pain.” 
And God gave him what he prayed for. 

Can you remember to say such prayers in your difficult times? 
I bet you, God will hear your prayers as he heard that of Jabez and will change your sad stories.

Now let me reveal to you, some sad story-changing Psalms.


Psalms are powerful prayers. But they work with faith. Now say these psalms with faith and your sad stories will change for good.
1. Psalms 60
2. Psalms 77
3. Psalms 121



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