In this article, I will explicitly explain the meaning of curse, types and consequences of curses. I will also relate to you those who have the power and authority to break or revoke curses. Most problems seem very complicated because the root of such problems have not been known.
Categories And Consequences Of Curses

What is a curse?

A curse is a word, phrase or sentence calling for the punishment, injury or somebody or something. For one to be under a curse means the person is under punishment, torment and also destined to destruction. The main cause of curse is sin. But there are curses laid by devil and his human agents


There are many types of sins but they are categorized into these two:
Self-invoked Curses
Curses Brought by Other People
Now let me analyze them one after the other.


As the name implies, these are the types of curses one brings upon himself through his words, actions or characters. For example, when one steals or fornicates, he brings curse upon himself automatically. Also some people cause themselves unknowingly.


Most types of curses that people suffer fall under this category and the consequences are more severe. The main type of curse under this category is Ancestral or Generational curses.

What are Ancestral or Generational Curses?

They are curses one inherits from his parents or fore father. These types of curses are transferred from one generation to another unless these curses are destroyed or revoked. Many people suffer generational curses unknowingly. Ancestral curses go far up to the fourth and fifth generations (200 to 250 years).

Consequences of Curses

There are many consequences of curses, but in this article, I will discuss only four of them. Some of the consequences are:
Delays, Setbacks or Failure
Epidemic, Disease or Ill Health
Now let me analyze them briefly.


Curses, both self-invoked and ancestral can bring poverty, delays or setbacks in lives and in business or even failure.


Some families suffer from mental ill health (e.g. generational madness) and chronic diseases like epilepsy as a result of self-invoked and ancestral curses.


This is also one of the consequences of curses. Some family generations have anger as one of their attributes.
In Genesis 49: 5-7, Jacob cursed the anger of Simeon and Levi because they used their weapons to commit violence (murder) when heard that their sister, Dinah was raped by Shechem (Read Genesis 34). Moses who was from the tribe of Levi suffered the consequences of this curse. His anger made him not to enter the Promised Land, though he saw it.


This is the worst of all the consequences of curses. Some families suffer premature death of all male child or first born in the family. This consequence is the hardest to revoke or break.
Now let me tell you those who have the power and authority to revoke or break curses.

Who Has the Right or Authority to Revoke or Break Curse?

This question always leads to argument whenever it is asked. Many people and families have been misled by the responses and advice they get regarding this issue.
I will answer this question with reference to the instances in the bible.

Those Who Have the Authority or Power to Destroy or Revoke Curses

The first person that has the power to revoke a curse is the person who laid the curse. Most curse young people suffer are curses laid on them by their parents because of their disobedience.

Some FAQs About Breaking of Curses

These are some frequently asked questions about breaking or revoking of curses:

#1 – What of a situation where the person who laid the curse dies without revoking the curse?

If your parents or elderly ones lay a curse on you and die without revoking it, there is only one set of people who have full authority and power to revoke the curse. The set of people are the Priests (I mean Real Men of God).

#2 – Why do Priests have the power and authority to revoke or break a curse laid by parents while parents cannot revoke curses laid by a priest?

Priests have the power to revoke curses laid by other parents and elders because they have double anointing i.e. Parental anointing and Prophetic anointing. Parents have only one anointing, which is Parental anointing and therefore cannot revoke a curse laid on someone by priests.
Note that priests can only revoke a curse if the person that laid the curse has died without revoking it.

References of my Answers in the Bible

As I said earlier, I will point out references of my assertions in the bible.
In the book of Joshua 6: 26, Joshua the son of Nun cursed the land of Jericho and anyone who tries to rebuild the city after defeating the city. He said,
“Whoever lays the foundation will lose his eldest son;
whoever builds the gates will lose his younges

Many generations suffered the consequences of this curse and no one could revoke it until Elisha, a great prophet of God came and revoked the curse. Elisha was able to revoke the curse because he had the double anointing while Joshua had only the leadership anointing.

Another instance in the bible was in Genesis 49:5-7, where Jacob cursed the anger of Simeon and Levi his sons. Moses though a great man of God, could not revoke this curse because he was from the tribe of Levi, and therefore got a share in the consequences of the curse.

There are other instances, but I took this two because they are the extreme cases.
This is the end of this article. You should also know The 5 Deadly Sins that Bring Curses.

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